Who We Are

Yayasan Salam Malaysia, or SALAM was founded in 1997. It is a non-profit organization form  to promote a spirit of volunteer service among malaysians and to provide opportunities for them to work as volunteers with communities in need at local and abroad. SALAM organizes volunteer service programs in various field focusing in particular on education, health and community development work. Is an independent, non-government organization, and it’s activities are funded by contributions from individuals and corporate benefactors.

What We Do

Building a civil society through volunteerism and improving the livelihood of the less fortunate with carefully strategized initiatives centered on skills, training and knowledge. SALAM volunteers work with people and communities in need, sharing with them their knowledge and skills, and building capabilities to improve their livelihood. We believe many Malaysians, especially youths, are keen to contribute to this effort.

Why We're Different

SALAM connects people by giving them the opportunity to feel good by giving back the community, meet new people, broaden their perspective and gain new skills. SALAM believes that people in all societies are entitled to live in an environment that is socially just and equitable, and pursue a life of dignity and fulfillment. SALAM regards volunteers work as a meaningful and effective way to help people lead better lives. To this end, SALAM provides volunteers to work with people and communities in need, sharing with them their knowledge, skills and building capabilities. 

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