MY Ole-Ole, Selayang

On the 7th of June, a goods distribution which includes, cooking oil, flour, sugar, salt, biscuit, instant noodles and powdered milk have been carried out by the volunteers to be given out to the community in need. The location that has been chosen for My Ole-Ole program this time around is in Selayang, Selangor. There are a total number of 25 muslim families that lives around Kampung Orang Asli Bukit Lagong, Selayang that have been visited in order to distribute the goods. 

Besides distributing the goods, volunteers also interviewed all the families to asked about their well fare. With the helps that have been given, SALAM hoped that the indigenous people would feel less of a burden to prepare for upcoming Raya Aidilfitri celebration and not to forget, SALAM is overwhelmed with gratitude for the support that the volunteers and sponsors have contributed for the program, congratulations and keep up the good work!

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