IAVE 2017

IAVE 2017

IAVE, which stands for international Association for Volunteer Effort is the only international organization whose primary aim to promote, strengthen and celebrate volunteering in many ways throughout the world. IAVE work is concentrated in four core functions: 

  • Advocacy for recognition of the importance of volunteering and creation of an enabling environment that supports it.
  • Knowledge development and dissemination through research and organized learning activities.
  • Network development such as through Global Corporate Volunteer Council, Global Network of National Volunteers Centers and collaborative relationships with global NGOs and UN agencies.
  • Convening through world and regional conferences and virtually through webinars.


In September 2017, an Asia-Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference & Youth Volunteer Conference was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which was organized by Yayasan Salam Malaysia.


IAVE Asia-Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference 2017

This conference offers the opportunity for leaders of volunteering, organizations to come together closer to home, meeting and working with their regional peers. The IAVE Asia-Pacific conference is the longest-running most successful regional conference. From the first in 1987, it has been held throughout the region – from New Delhi in the West to Canberra in the South to Tokyo and Nagoya in the East to Seoul in the North – every two years since and now it was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


IAVE Asia-Pacific Youth Volunteer Conference 2017

This conference is a unique opportunity for young volunteers to meet together, learn and reflect together and begin relationships that can last for many years. This conference seeks to highlight the power of youth volunteering for addressing global challenges by offering platform to connect with and influence the broader global agenda on peace and development.

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