Back To School

Back To School

The Back to School program is an annual program where we provide school essentials such as uniforms, bags and stationeries to students from low-income families with the objective of alleviating the financial burden faced by these families at the start of the school term. 

Some of these families could not afford to purchase a new set of school uniform and other essentials, especially those with more than one school going children. On top of that, they also have to pay school fees at the beginning of new school term for each student. For the 2017 Back to School program, a total of 8,250 students in Batu Kurau, Perak and Bera, Pahang benefitted from the program.

Each students were to receive:

  1. Two sets of school uniforms
  2. One pair of school shoes
  3. Two pairs of socks
  4. One stationery set
  5. One school bag
  6. One water bottle

Besides providing financial relief to poor families, significant improvements were also noted in students. From our previous Back to School programs, schools of the student who received the aid reported greater academic achievements and self-confidence amongst beneficiaries. It was also highlighted that on their first day of school, the students arrived with confidence, pride and were eager to start lessons. There was less absenteeism in these schools.

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