About Yayasan Salam
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YAYASAN SALAM MALAYSIA, SALAM in short, is an independent, non-profit organization formed to promote a spirit of volunteer service among Malaysians and to provide opportunities for them to work as volunteers with communities in need at home and abroa    read more.


Our Mission
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WE, VOLUNTEERS OF SALAM, dedicated to achieving the goals of a civil society where every individual will have the opportunity to lead a life of dignity and fulfillment, hereby pledge:

To uphold and practice the spirit of volunteerism

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Be Our Volunteer
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When you volunteer you are giving something back to your community by lending a helping hand to people and organizations. What you may not realize is that volunteering also benefits you as an individual.. Click here to

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Special Interest Group.

SIG is a platform provided by Yayasan Salam for its volunteers to continuously, plan and execute their volunteering projects.

SiG SALAM provides its new volunteers that join the groups with a mentor in each SiG group, who has had a wide and vast experience with SALAM. The task and responsibility of a mentor in each SiG group is to guide SALAM new volunteers in activities and programs of SIGs. Please find out about the groups and be part of them.

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Phone: +603-79584021
Fax: +603-79584031
Site: www.salam.org.my
Email: info@salam.org.my
Address: No 22, Jalan Changgai 6/22, 46200, Petaling Jaya, Selangor., Malaysia.